A Failed Fire-Building Attempt Results in Smoke Damage Cleanup

The first snow of January has blown in and made everything cold and white. You’ve asked your son to start a fire in the fireplace to help warm the house. As you sit in the office getting some work done, you can smell and then see smoke billowing out of the living room. You head in, hoping that nothing is on fire, to find that instead of starting a fire, your son has just filled the house with smoke. A week later, all you can smell is the smoke from the failed fire-building attempt. The smoke has seeped into everything, so where can you turn for smoke damage in Lake County, IN? The only way to remove the deep-rooted smell is to get professional help like ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton. Here are some facts about smoke and smoke damage.

Smoke is made of particles that stick to everything. The smoke that comes from the burning logs are full of particles and ash. These particles and ash stick to the fabrics of your carpet and furniture, resulting in these areas smelling like smoke for a long time. Simply vacuuming or spraying the area with odor eliminators won’t remove the particles or ash, so they won’t actually get rid of the smell. You’ll need professional help to remove this deep-rooted smell.

Professional cleaning services have the tools and techniques needed to make sure the smell never returns. A professional cleaning service such as ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton can help with all your smoke damage needs. Our technicians are trained in all the latest tools and techniques that are needed to ensure that the smoke damage cleanup is done correctly without causing secondary damage to your belongings. Leaving your smoke damage cleanup to the professionals also takes the stress and pressure off your shoulders, and ensures that no one ever knows that you had smoke damage.

Smoke damage doesn’t result in just the smell of smoke. The particles in the smoke that keep the smell of smoke lingering in the air can also cause discoloration and damage when they land on specific surfaces. Your walls and floors will appear discolored where the particles bind to the surface, and they can cause the surface to deteriorate over time. It’s important that the smoke damage cleanup starts as soon as possible to ensure your home is completely returned to its normal condition.

Let ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton help those in Lake County, IN, with all their smoke damage cleanup needs. Call ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton today at (219) 476-2222.



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