Need for Fire Damage Restorations from Holiday Decorations

The holiday season brings fun, excitement, and lots of decorating. From the tree to the strands of lights, every part of your home glows. The holiday season also brings an increased chance of fire damage. Where in Porter County, IN can you turn for fire damage restoration?

Protecting your home from fire is the first step.

 Using some simple preventative steps will help to ensure your home stays safe, warm, and full of holiday joy. The U.S. Fire Administration has many different handouts and resources that can be used to make sure you and your family are safe for the whole season. When putting lights on your home, you need to make sure you’re using the right hooks and connectors to attach the lights. If the wrong hooks or attachments are used, there is a risk of an electrical fire from the lights being in the elements. When setting up an outside display, you want to make sure you aren’t plugging too many things into one outlet. By having to many lights or decorations plugged into the same outlet, you could start a fire.

If your family loves to have a live tree at Christmas, make sure you’re watering the tree every day. If the tree is allowed to dry out, it can become a deadly fire hazard. Any small flame or excess heat can cause the tree to catch fire. Once the tree catches fire, it can go up in flames very quickly and spread to the rest of the home.

Fire Damage Restoration

 Performing fire cleanup by yourself is a task you don’t have to face. ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton helps all those in the Porter County, IN area with fire damage restoration. We know that a fire can happen suddenly, and we’re available 24/7/365 whenever you find yourself in need of help. Don’t stress about the fire damage cleanup, just concentrate on your family.

ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton will work with your insurance company to ensure that everything is under control. Don’t let fire damage ruin your holiday season.

ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton is here to help those in Porter County, IN with all their fire damage restoration needs at (219) 476-2222.



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