Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Expert Fire Damage Restoration in Lake County, IN

Also Serving LaPorte and Porter Counties

Experiencing a fire at your Lake County, IN, home or business can leave you feeling frozen from fear. In a matter of moments, all of your best laid plans literally went up in smoke. When you find yourself at a loss after a devastating fire, the fire damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by Tekton are proud to offer support and guidance when you need it most.

Immediate Support

Fire can quickly destroy documents, deform family heirlooms, and force essential business equipment out of commission. Because of these consequences and many more, most instances of fire damage lead to incredible stress. With the potential for lost business revenue or even displacement from your home or office, efficiency and speed are of the essence to our restoration teams. Our goal at ServiceMaster Restoration by Tekton is to get you back home and back in business with as little stress as possible

Long-term Benefits

Unfortunately, the dangers of fire damage don’t end when the flames die out. If restoration is neglected, fire damage can leave corrosive soot and other by-products that continue to eat away at your belongings. In order to mitigate this type of damage to your property, our expert fire damage restoration teams handle all immediate fire damage and any associated smoke damage.

Precise Methodology

Each step of the fire damage restoration process is carried out with care and precision. Homes and/or businesses are cleaned, items are carefully removed and stored, and the full extent of the damage is assessed prior to restoration. In the event of lingering smoke damage, comprehensive cleaning is done to completely remove all traces of smoke or soot from your property. With ServiceMaster Restoration by Tekton, your recovery is in professional hands. 

If your Lake County, IN, residential or commercial property has experienced fire or smoke damage, ServiceMaster Restoration by Tekton is ready to lend its support. Impacted property owners can call today at (219) 476-2222 or contact us online for additional information.



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