Mold Remediation Can be Difficult

Springtime brings cleaning and rediscovery of structures that have been closed for the winter. Sometimes, however, a reopening comes with the discovery of a mold and/or mildew infestation. If you find mold in your LaPorte County, IN building, where can you turn for help with mold remediation?

Mold brings lots of problems.

 A mold or mildew infestation can bring a multitude of problems. From structural damage to health issues, mold is an insidious intruder. Mold is a fungus that breaks down organic matter. In nature, mold has the job of breaking down dead trees and plants, making the area fertile and ready for growth. In your home, though, mold just causes damage and health problems.

If you find yourself facing a mold infestation, knowing how to clean up the mold is important. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a number of different resources for mold infestations. Making sure the mold is cleaned correctly is the only way to ensure the mold is removed completely. Any mold left behind can result in a quick reinfestation.

Don’t face a mold infestation alone.

 While the CDC offers a number of different links and resources for mold remediation, you don’t have to face a mold infestation alone. During mold cleanup, all of the mold has to be completely removed. Mold spores are light enough to be carried in the wind and find new places to land and grow. If any spores are left behind, a new infestation can start. For the residents of LaPorte County, IN, ServiceMaster Restoration by Tekton is the place to turn for mold remediation. Our technicians are trained in all the latest tools and techniques to ensure your home is mold-free when they leave.

Not only does the mold need to be removed, but the location needs to be sanitized. Mold can cause health issues for those that have weak immune systems, so any mold left behind is a health risk. Knowing what solutions to use and how to use them can be tricky. Using the professional services of ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton will ensure the mold remediation is done correctly, and everyone is safe.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Tekton is here to help those in LaPorte County, IN with any and all mold remediation needs. For more information or to make an appointment, contact us today at (219) 476-2222.



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