Storms in LaPorte County, IN, Call for Storm Damage Cleanup


The weather in LaPorte County, IN, can be unpredictable, changing from calm to stormy in a matter of hours. Perhaps you were one of those homeowners who had a large tree in your yard lose a quarter of its dead branches or had at least one small tree that was uprooted. Perhaps your yard was littered with storm damage and appeared as though it would take forever to clean up and repair the damage. Don’t worry; the storm damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by Tekton are here to help. Whatever damage your property has suffered, we have the tools and training to restore it to its pre-loss condition. Keep reading to learn more about the storm damage cleanup process!


Storm damage cleanup is a multistage cleanup process. The cleanup process includes: debris cleanup as well as removing tree and home or building debris; boarding up any holes in the structure; and repairing any parts of the building that can be repaired. Once a storm has occurred, you also need to contact your insurance company to ensure that, if the damage can be covered, it does get covered.


The first step is debris cleanup. Before the damage can be repaired, however, you have to clean up all the debris from the yard so the actual damage to the tree can be assessed. Depending on how many branches have been damaged, and where they are located on the tree, professionals will determine whether the tree can be saved or will need to be cut down. The same is true for the storm damage cleanup at your home or office building. Once the debris has been cleaned up, the actual state of the house or building can be assessed. It can then be determined whether the damage can be repaired or if parts will need to be replaced.


You don’t have to face storm damage cleanup alone though. The technicians at ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton are on call 24/7 365 days a year to answer your call for storm damage cleanup. They are here for those that live in the LaPorte County, IN area. Not only can they help with debris cleanup, but also they have board-up services to ensure that your home or business remains safe and secure during the reconstruction process. ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton will even work with your insurance company so all you have to worry about is keeping your family safe.


Let ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton help people in LaPorte County, IN with all their storm damage cleanup needs. Call ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton today at (219) 476-2222.




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