Need Water Damage Restoration from a Burst Pipe?

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, and you need to finish your morning shower so you can get to the farmer’s market. Suddenly, the water pressure disappears! You head down to the basement to find the utility room completely flooded because the pipe leading from the water heater has burst. Where in LaPorte County, IN, can you find water damage restoration?

Water ends up everywhere.

While the water heater pipe may have burst, the water won’t just stay in the utility room. Instead, it will flow out from under the door and slowly spread into the entire basement, soaking the floor and any furniture or other items. Consequently, a small break in a pipe can result in the need to clean and repair the entire basement!

The size and use of the room dictates how the water damage restoration needs to be done. The larger the room, the more tools will be needed for water extraction. From pumps to hoses, the right tool needs to be selected to get the water out of the room. Once the water has been removed from a room, you need to dry it out. A larger room could call for fans and dehumidifiers, whereas a smaller room might just need opened windows and one fan to dry out.

Using the right cleaning solutions during water damage restoration is also important. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has standards that must be met before it will state that a solution is safe for use. By using EPA-approved solutions, you know that the cleaning products you’re using won’t cause any health or safety issues for anyone using the space or building. This is important because the main point of cleaning up the water is to keep your family and other people safe.

Use a professional cleaning service that uses the best in tools and solutions.

By using a professional cleaning service, you can make sure that the right tools and solutions are used without having to worry about causing health or safety issues. ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton uses EPA-certified cleaning solutions. Not only are our solutions safe, but our technicians are trained in all the latest techniques that will ensure the work is done quickly, correctly, and safely.

Facing water damage is stressful enough, but then you must work with your insurance company to make sure payments are made. ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton will work with your insurance company on your behalf; all you’ll have to worry about is getting everyone back in the building.

ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton is here to help those in LaPorte County, IN, with their water damage restoration needs. Call ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton today at (219) 476-2222.




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