Water Damage Restoration for Your Business

Water damage to your business can happen at any time of the year. Burst pipes, malfunctioning appliances, or flooding from an external source can all cause water damage, and cleaning up after the damage can feel daunting. Where can you turn in LaPorte County, IN for water damage restoration services?

Why is water damage restoration important?

 Water damage restoration isn’t just for cleaning up after a disaster. Water damage is also a safety and health concern. Water that has seeped into a building, room, and/or furnishings can and does cause more than just visual damage. Water takes the path of least resistance and finds its way into everything. From walls and ceilings to flooring and furniture, everything needs to be thoroughly dried out and systematically cleaned before your business is safe.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a list and timeline for water damage restoration. This list provides timelines for when the process should be completed to prevent further damage. The longer the water is allowed to sit in a location, the more likely mold and mildew growth will become, jeopardizing the health and safety of your employees and customers. Mold can cause illness, making it unsafe for people to be in the building.

You don’t have to face restoration alone.

 Water damage restoration isn’t a cleanup situation you have to face alone. ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton is here to help all the businesses in LaPorte County, IN with their restoration needs. The technicians at ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton have undergone hours of training. During this training, our technicians have learned how to assess and restore water damage in any location.

The technicians at ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton have access to all the latest tools, techniques, and cleaning solutions to ensure the restoration has been done correctly. They use comprehensive water removal, specialized drying techniques, and top-of-the-line cleaning and sanitization. Living through the disaster is enough; you shouldn’t have to worry about the water cleanup too. ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton has technicians available 24/7/365.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Tekton is here to help those in LaPorte County, IN with any and all water damage restoration needs. When water damage strikes, call ServiceMaster Restore by Tekton immediately at (219) 476-2222.



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